The fee for registration of a Russian passport will increase

Up to 6 thousand rubles from July 1 The amount of the fee for registration of a new type of passport will increase by 20% from July 1, 2024, to 6 thousand rubles for an adult and 3 thousand rubles for a child, INTERFAX reports Now the cost of registration of a new type of […]

Barcelona introduces water restrictions for tourists

Measures will be taken to prepare for the drought The Catalan government is implementing a system for measuring water consumption in tourist establishments after Barcelona declared an emergency due to drought in February. Although this year the city experienced constant spring rains for the first time in four years, many residents and officials are concerned

Hungary Launches Guest Investor Program

The country will resume issuing “golden visas” from July 01 Hungary is deploying the Guest Investor Program (GIP)The program was discontinued in 2017, and is now being revived under the name Guest Investor Program (GIP), a program of invited investors. It is also known as the Hungary Residence by Investment.Requirements for applicants:• lack of citizenship

Germany has launched a new visa system “Opportunity Card”

Knowledge of German or English is required to qualify for the opportunity card Germany has made significant changes to the rules for obtaining visas for skilled workers in response to the growing demand for experienced professionals in such critical sectors as engineering, information technology (IT) and healthcare. According to reports, the country, which needs about

Entry to the UAE is complicated

The UAE wants to keep job seekers from entering the country on a tourist visa The UAE has introduced stricter requirements for those entering the country on a tourist visa. For tourists planning to visit the UAE, it is important to note that the new requirements include the availability of documents on hotel reservations, a

Refusals to tourists to travel abroad can become massive

The letter “e” in passports, place of birth, transliteration and similar problems are increasingly becoming the reason for the withdrawal of passports at the border. The number of cases when border guards refuse Russian tourists to travel abroad and withdraw passports due to data errors is growing, such refusals can become massive, said Artur Muradyan,

Israel introduces electronic entry permits for visa-free countries from June 1

It is expected that this will avoid long queues upon arrival in Israel. Israel introduces electronic entry permits for tourists from visa-free countries from June 1. According to the new system, tourists from countries with a visa-free regime will have to fill out a special application form in advance to obtain an entry permit. The

What can be imported to Russia and in what quantities

Cigarettes are counted individually, and fruits are limited in weight With the beginning of the holiday season, tourists are increasingly asking what and how much can be imported into Russia.Fans of shopping tours will not have to fill out documents for a new iPhone or T-shirts for friends if they travel by plane, the price

The EU Council has adopted the updated Schengen Border Code

The temporary introduction of control at internal borders is regulated The EU Council approved the new Schengen Border Code, a set of EU rules governing the management of internal and external borders, as well as border control of persons, INTERFAX reports.”Traveling through the Schengen area without border controls is one of the main achievements of

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